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Your bad credit car loan is just a click away. Once you're connected with our bad credit car loan specialists, simply apply for your new car loan or used car loan using the information provided in our car loan resources below. The helpful Information featured here should help guide you through your auto loan approval process. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions when you start to apply for your new car loan or used car loan.

Types of Auto Loans

Learn the ins and the outs of auto loans.  Should you purchase a new car or should you purchase a used car? What can you afford, and how if your loan computed? You should understand the different financing options for your bad credit auto loan. Click here to learn about Auto Loan Types, by reading simple definitions of each loan type, which will help you understand the different ways your car can be financed.

About Bad Credit Auto Loans

Bad credit auto loans are specifically designed for people who have been turned down by financial institutions because of their less than perfect credit due to recent bankruptcy, tax liens, low income, vehicle repossession or failure to come up with the required down payment. Click Here to see what types of bad credit auto loans are available, whether or not you should apply for one, and if you qualify for a bad credit auto loan with CarLoan.Expert.

Bad Credit Auto Loan Lenders

People with bad credit may most of the time get too excited about the possibility of getting behind the wheel despite having bad credit. Little do they know sometimes that not all car dealers and lenders who are willing to entertain their predicament are good guys. Here are some things that borrowers with bad credit should keep in mind.

Refinancing Auto Loans

Most people who buy a car or any other vehicle pay for it through an auto loan. Unfortunately, after they take out the loan and buy the vehicle, they find themselves unhappy with the loan situation. They are often burdened by the high interest rates and high monthly payments. Thankfully, there is a way to lower the amount that one has to pay, and it is through auto refinancing.

Bad Credit Auto Loans

It almost seemed totally impossible for people with bad credit to purchase a vehicle over the past 34 months. This is because most of the credit unions and banks would not accept an application with bad credit. However, with a more competitive automotive industry today, car dealers and some lenders have opened their doors for these people so that they can get what they badly need - a car.

Credit Profiles

Your credit profile plays a large part in how much or how little interest you will be charged over the life of your bad credit car loan. Find out your credit profile and what options are available to you for your auto loan.

Bad Credit FAQ

Learn everything you ever needed to know about bad credit car loans. Bad credit doesn't mean you can't drive the new or used car of your choice. Learn more about your bad credit auto loan with our frequently asked questions section.

Tips & Advice

Auto Loan Calculator

Bad credit may not be your fault. Perhaps you've been involved with a series of bad deals. How can you know for sure? CarLoan.Expert's Car Loan Calculator will tell you exactly how much your bad credit auto loan will cost you per month. Click here to find out how much your car loan will cost.

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