Auto Loan Estimate Worksheet

Use the Car Loan Estimator Worksheet to see what amount you can afford, even with bad credit

Simply fill out the bad credit auto loan worksheet, and you will know if you can afford your car loan. Every car loan requires a little bit of homework. This auto loan worksheet will provide you with a quick and easy way to know if you can make your car payments. Please keep in mind that this tool only provides an estimate, and you should consult an auto loan specialist at CarLoan.Expert to see if you may qualify for more or less money. CarLoan.Expert is here for your auto loan needs. Apply online today to start your loan qualification process.

Step 1: Credit Profile
 Credit Profile Min Score
 Good Credit 700
 Fair Credit 625
 Situational Bad Credit 575
 Bad Credit 525
 Very Bad Credit N/A
Estimated Approval Amount
Step 2: Monthly Income Profile
Total monthly income before taxes:
Step 3: Monthly Recurring Debt
Rent / Mortgage:
Minimum Credit Card Payments:
Other Loan Payments:
(Do not include car payment or utility bills if trading.)
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